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Attaoufik des Dattes is a family business founded in 2007 to provide a platform for a better exploitation of one of the most important date palm plantations of the Tunisian Sahara located in the oasis of Kebili and representing 70% of Tunisia’s production. This region produces the best Deglet Ennour dates in the world and represents the very rich local products of the Djérid region. Our family has been dedicated for decades to growing Deglet Ennour dates, which ranks as the best date variety in the world with its absolutely unique appearance, taste and quality.

It is indeed thanks to our know-how of several decades and to a careful selection of the partner producers coming from the best and regularly controlled regions, that we can guarantee you the best selection of high quality tasty dates.

Attaoufik des Dattes has been a leader in the market for several years. This position is the result of a clear vision of the market, a strategy of differentiation and a set of values based on customer satisfaction, innovation and quality. We owe our success to our strong commitment to these values as faithfully reflected in the daily actions of each employee of the company.

Our business has grown very well since the foundation of the company. This growth is due to our continuous endeavors to use all the necessary means to provide services that meet the customers’ needs and aspirations in terms of food safety, cost, production quality and environment protection.

The respect of delivery times is also one of Attaoufik des Dattes priorities, as it is on basis that we build and maintain the trust of our customers.

Attaoufik des Dattes works by a team of professionals entirely dedicated to maintaining the high products quality level for the sole purpose of satisfying you. Trained in very specific techniques relating to the control of fresh produce, they are the guarantors of perfect traceability. These strict controls

provide complete transparency regarding production processes.
Anticipation and satisfaction of all your expectations is also one of our top priorities. Therefore, our team of professionals serves you with attention and careful listening and provides you with an effective after-sales service.

Our partners and suppliers are also concerned by our quality process and agree to undergo regular strict controls to maintain an optimum quality level for their products.

Attaoufik des Dattes has a sound strategy for the future to continue building stronger relationships with both partners and customers based on sharing, innovation and transparency for the development of the industry and customer satisfaction.